“The world will change when we know gratitude for what it is, when it is rightly experienced as both the center and circumference of the circle.”

- Diana Butler Bass

As our Stewardship season begins, we invite you to participate in the practice of intentional gratitude. Intentional gratitude is our deliberate, thoughtful response to the many gifts we receive from God each day.  It inspires us to live our lives aware of our role as both receiver and giver.  As we become awake to the abundant grace in our lives, we recognize our role as stewards in an infinite circle of gift and response.  Here are some ways to practice being grateful:

Listen to "Amazing Grace"

There are many different renditions of Amazing Grace.  Click icon above to listen to a few and check back for new versions throughout the campaign.  What's your favorite?

Join "Grateful" Book Discussion

Each Sunday after worship during the campaign, join in a discussion of the book Grateful by Diana Butler Bass.  Click the above icon to learn more and sign up.

Daily Devotions

Each Sunday of the campaign, Pastor Susan will provide daily devotions for the upcoming week. Click icon above to view.

 "WE" Gratitude Board

Bring in a picture or a sticky note to display on the bulletin board in the main hallway to share a moment of "WE" gratitude.  If you can't make it in, send your picture or note to our front office and they'll post it. 

2024 Pledge Sheet

Click on the above icon to complete your 2024 pledge sheet. Pledges are due 11/12/23. View the "Grateful FUMC" flyer HERE.

Serving on Sundays

Click on the above icon to find a place where you and your family can serve on Sunday.  Greeters, Scripture Readers, Flowers and more are needed each Sunday at worship.  Put your gratitude into action.

Explore Grateful Living

Click the icon above to explore a nonprofit organization that empowers people to live meaningful lives through the transformative practice of grateful living. Sign up to receive "The Word for the Day" from their website HERE.

Thank you for choosing to be Grateful!!