Some of you may be familiar with the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown about a boy who is flattened and the remarkable adventures he has.  This book has prompted many school projects that entail mailing a paper Flat Stanley all around the world and collecting photos to document his adventures.  

In a slightly different version of this project, you are invited to participate in a Flat Jesus Project this summer.  Our theme for rotational Sunday school for October 2021 – May 2022 was Journey: God Travels with Us.  To reinforce this theme that Jesus goes with us wherever we go, to have some fun regardless of age, and to witness our faith in the world, you are invited to color and decorate a "Flat Jesus". Download a template below.

You will not mail him to other people, but Flat Jesus can go wherever you go - to the park, the library, the beach, church, or a friend’s house.  Flat Jesus can sleep, read, go to games, eat ice cream……he can go anywhere!!!  If possible, take pictures of Flat Jesus and his adventures!  We will make a bulletin board to display the pictures as well as post them on our webpage.  You can bring us photographs or send them to us digitally HERE.

This project emphasizes that Christians are people who take Jesus into the world and so we hope you share your Flat Jesus experience with family, friends, and other people you meet!  Have fun!