Youth Ministries

Youth Ministry at First United Methodist Church of Waukesha is focused on formation and mission opportunities helping to develop both personal and social holiness in our youth (6th-12th grade) and families.  Our goal is to help youth to discover and develop their faith identities through the support of a loving congregation that empowers youth to become strong leaders within the congregation and in the local community.  We seek to help youth to have a safe place to discover who they are, whose they are and to be equipped and empowered to develop their identities through making a difference in the world around them.  As our congregation and community increasingly become more urban and more diverse, both racially and economically, our youth ministry seeks to address the needs of this community and the students and families who are a part of both the congregation and the local urban community.  We do this through a variety of ways including mission and service projects, worship, confirmation, Sunday School, and inter-generational studies.

Youth Sunday School

Sunday School for 6th-12th graders meets weekly from 10:30am-11:30am in the youth room (room 108).  We start with Jr High and High School together for a time of checking in, sharing about our weeks, and talking about upcoming events.  The groups then split into 2 classes (Jr High and High School) for the remainder of the class.

Jr. High is working their way through the bible using the Connect curriculum by Sparkhouse.  Each lesson has a video that sparks student interest and introduces the topic.  Students then use the Bible to explore the lesson and then finish the class with an art project that helps to reinforce the lesson.  Classes are hands on and interactive and age appropriate.

The High School class is discussion based and is using curriculum focused on Biblical concepts (such as the Beatitudes, The 10 Commandments, and the Good Samaritan story.)  They learn about and discuss these concepts and then explore them through experiments that they do together in class and at home.  The class allows students to ask questions, explore their understanding of faith, and discover what their faith means for their lives.


Confirmation allows us the opportunity to ask difficult questions about God and the world, search for our voice together as Christians, write the story of our faith journey and explore what it means to be a member of the United Methodist Church.  We explore by committing to learn together throughout the year, participating in service projects, serving in worship, and reflecting on the journey through writing and reflection with member of the congregation.

Confirmation is geared toward students in 7th & 8th grade, but is open to older students who have not yet been confirmed but are interested in exploring.  Our next class will be confirmed on May 20th, 2018.  The next confirmation class will start in September 2017.  For more information, contact Elizabeth Ross.

Mission & Service & The Justice League

Many of our students have a heart for mission and social justice.  We provide opportunities for students to live out their faith in the world through service projects at organizations like Northcott Neighborhood House, Hebron House of Hospitality, & United Methodist Children Services.  Our students have also participated in mission trips/urban immersion trips where they have learned more about issues of poverty and justice in our cities and communities.

We believe that students should be empowered and equipped to make a difference in the world and to have a voice for change, and through programs like ‘The Justice League’, students learn more about social issues and concerns in our community and ways they can participate in and create change in the world.  This year, the Justice League is focusing on learning about the effects of incarceration on families and students in the Waukesha/Milwaukee community, and how programs like restorative justice can improve people’s lives and the community as a whole.