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 First United Methodist Church is a member of SOPHIA - an interfaith organization that brings people together to support social justice in Waukesha County.  The shared goal is to bring about change and work to correct social injustices.  As a member or friend of FUMC, you are always invited, encouraged, and welcomed to participate in SOPHIA's activities. 

But why SOPHIA?  During the civil rights movement Dr. Martin Luther King noted that "...There is a power in unity and there is power in numbers..."  It is a simple truth that was both plainly and elegantly stated.  SOPHIA provides us unity and the members provide the numbers.  So instead of a few individuals from one church voicing indignation and demanding change, voices from many churches call for wisdom and justice.  Our voice is magnified so there is a greater chance it will be heard. 

Currently, FUMC's Church and Society team serves as a liaison to SOPHIA.  In an ideal world, we would have a "core team" to focus on SOPHIA and to keep the congregation informed of opportunities to promote social justice.  If social justice is your passion, please consider volunteering to become a SOPHIA lead for FUMC.  You can find information about SOPHIA and its current activities at

Contact your Church and Society team with your questions and for additional information.  Current Church and Society opportunities and resources can be found below.

Social Advocacy -
Opportunities and Resources




The movie "Alive Inside" is a 78 -minute documentary that demonstrates music's ability to connect with people suffering from memory loss.  The film makers interview care givers and family members who see the marvelous effects that personalized music has for their patients and loved ones.  If you missed the June 2017 screenings or wish you could share information about personalized music with family and friends the DVD is available from the Waukesha Library.  It is also available from various online sources including streaming services and the Hebert's have purchased a copy that you can borrow.

General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church

There is much to be healed in the world and your local Church and Society team only presents some of the many needs and issues.  For a more complete picture of the social advocacy issues and concerns raised by the United Methodist Church please visit the General Board's website at:


The movie "The Other Side of Immigration" is a 53-minute subtitled documentary based on over 700 interviews with people from the Mexican countryside.  It provides insights about why people risk so much to cross the border into America.  If you missed the May 2017 screenings. or wish you could share what you learned with family and friends you can check out the DVD from the Waukesha Library.  It is also available from various online sources.

Living Our Principles

Is a new video series produced by the General Board of Church and Society.  The six part series focuses on the church's social principles and shows some remarkable ways people of faith live out their values.  These videos are available on the UMC's Justice YouTube channel.  


First United Methodist Church is a member of SOPHIA, an interfaith organization that brings people together in support of social justice action in the Waukesha County area.  The goal is to bring about effective change, especially in areas around social injustices.  Visit for more information on current initiatives. 


It's just a phone call away - it is also available online!  If you are looking for community resources in Waukesha County and don't know where to start, try 211.  Waukesha County's Health and Human Services (at 262-548-7212 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holiday's) has an agreement with IMPACT 2-1-1 to provide trained telephone counselors 24/7 who can provide information and referral telephone support.  Access by dialing 211 or toll free at 1-866-211-3380 or through the internet at IMPACT 2-1-1.



We are called to love our neighbor.  This SOPHIA delegation declares our shared faith values in public view - Church IN Society!