We look forward to working with you in planning your wedding. It is our prayer that your wedding service is one where the presence of God will be experienced and you will know the power of Christ's love in the home you create together.

Use of the church
A facility use fee for weddings held at FUMC is $100.00 for members and $300.00 for non-members. The Sanctuary seats approximately 400 people. A non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 is required to hold a date on the church calendar. When the date is approved by the Pastor and Wedding Coordinator, the registration fee will be applied to the facility use fee. Note: We will not perform military weddings that include guns or swords on church property.

Pre-marital program
The people of FUMC believe that preparing for a wedding is only important if a couple is also preparing for a long-lasting and fulfilling marriage. Therefore, all couples wishing to be married at FUMC must participate in our Pre-Marital Program or meet with our pastor who would be doing their ceremony. The meetings consist of a pre-marital inventory, at least one session with the pastor performing your service, and continued contact with the Wedding Coordinator. 

The Pastors of FUMC are willing to perform pastoral services for our members without charge. However, time for weddings comes from otherwise personal time. We would urge couples to member that several sessions are necessary to plan their wedding services, as well as the time for preparation, rehearsal and the ceremony. Therefore, there has been a tradition that the Pastor be given an honorarium by the couple. An amount is not set for this service, but a commonly used guideline is $100.00. For non-members, the clergy fee is $300.00.

If other clergy are involved, a Pastor appointed to FUMC must give permission for the ceremony to take place. In addition, the Wedding Coordinator must be utilized.

FUMC reserves the right to step away from their commitment at any time if competing values or cooperation with the couple become an issue.

Wedding Coordinator
All couples planning to be married through FUMC must use the church's Wedding Coordinator. The Wedding Coordinator will assist couples in planning the details of their wedding in accordance with the church's wedding policies. In addition, the Wedding Coordinator will be present to meet with the couple prior to the wedding, at the rehearsal and on the day of the ceremony to provide needed instructions and answer questions. The Wedding Coordinator fee is $200.00.

The church Organist is available for most weddings. After the couple meets with the Wedding Coordinator, arrangements can be made with the Organist in regard to music for weddings. The fee for the Organist is $175.00. This fee includes advice on music choices if needed, a 30 minute rehearsal and providing music for the wedding. If the rehearsal goes beyond 45 minutes an additional $50 will be charged. Couples may use another organist providing that person has had pipe organ training and has received permission to play from the church Organist.

The couple has the option to decide if there will be singing during the wedding ceremony. Songs chosen must meet with the Wedding Coordinator's approval and be suitable for a sacred wedding ceremony.

Any couple using FUMC must provide a minimum of $50.00 for the Custodian for the extra work involved in preparing for and cleaning up after weddings. If a reception is held at the church, a total of $75.00 is required.

For most weddings, it is necessary to have a rehearsal. The time for the rehearsal must be arranged with the Pastor and Wedding Coordinator, but it is usually the evening before the wedding day. The rehearsal will take approximately one hour.

No flash photography, professional or otherwise, is permitted during the ceremony while the wedding party is at the altar.

Video-recording is permitted by the stationary videographer using a camera tripod or remote control.

Altar flowers from the wedding may be left on the altar for Sunday worship services with an acknowledgement of the wedding to be put in the bulletin. Let the Wedding Coordinator know if this is your wish. Please indicate to the Wedding Coordinator if you desire to pick up the flowers following the Sunday services or if they should be shared with a person in the hospital. Note: Any flowers or bows attached to the ends of the pews must be tied on or tape used that does not leave residue on the wood.

Aisle Runner
We strongly advise against using an aisle runner. If you wish to use an aisle runner, it is your responsibility to purchase an aisle runner that will fit on the church’s 60 foot center aisle. Aisle runners must be fastened with tacks or tape that will not damage the carpeting.

You may request use of the church candelabras. To prevent dripping and damage to the flooring, church candles must be used in the candelabras. Arrangements must be made with the Wedding Coordinator. The fee for the candles is $30.00.

You are cordially invited to use the church for your reception. A large Dining Room (seating 100+) and a kitchen are available. The fee for using the Dining Room is $75.00. The wedding party must make arrangements for their own caterer.

Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages
FUMC has a non-smoking policy in the building. We expect you to maintain this policy. The same is true regarding alcoholic beverages on church property.

Marriage License and Fees
The couple’s marriage license is to be given to the Pastor at the rehearsal. Payment of all fees is to be made one week prior to the rehearsal in checks payable to each participant. Names may be obtained from the Wedding Coordinator. (Weddings do not occur until payment is made.)

Summary of Fees
Registration Fees $50.00
Facility Use (members) $100.00
Facility Use (non-members) $300.00
Dining Room Use $75.00
Organist $175.00
Custodian $50.00, $75.00 (with reception)
Wedding Coordinator $200.00
Clergy (members) honorarium
Clergy (non-members) $300.00
Candles $30.00

BEST WISHES! The Staff of First United Methodist Church wishes you a wedding service that you will remember and cherish. We are ready to assist you in any way we can.