We believe that living a life of faith is like breathing.  We inhale to care for our own souls, and we exhale God’s spirit to care for the world.

At FUMC, inhaling is an important part of our faith.  We believe that in order to give back to others, we must also take the time to develop and nurture our bodies, minds and souls.  We offer many ways to form who we are as faithful Christians and to strengthen our inward journeys.  We also aim to care for and offer support for one another.

From worship to Sunday School, mid-week classes to small groups, FUMC offers a multitude of opportunities to strengthen our understanding of what it means to be faithful.  Worship is the center of our life together but we long for deeper relationships with God and others.  We offer classes in Spiritual Practices, the Bible, social justice, theology/Christian thought, and wellness.  We offer book and movie studies, discussion and prayer groups, and ongoing and periodic opportunities.  We invite you to take a look at our offerings of ‘Formation’ to see the ways that you may inhale your faith with us.