We believe that living a life of faith is like breathing.  We inhale to care for our own souls, and we exhale God’s spirit to care for the world.

At FUMC, exhaling is a way of life—we know that as people of faith, we are called to be in mission to our community and beyond.  We seek many ways to extend the love of Christ to those around us as we live out our faith through service in mission.

One of our youth describes it best: “You are not able to walk more than 100 feet before stumbling upon another way to give back to our community. We have our Giving Tree with the tags to purchase an item or two to give to someone who may not be able to afford Christmas gifts. There are signup sheets for upcoming opportunities to serve at Loaves and Fishes or to go to a work day at Northcott Neighborhood House in Milwaukee. Not too far from that we have a tent near the church offices that people are able to fill with donations to the Hebron, Sienna, and Jeremy house. We also have the food barrels for the Waukesha food pantry right as you walk in our door.”

At FUMC, we see community as a solution, and we work with many building partners to find ways to make connections to improve the lives of hundreds of people who walk through our doors each week.  Our congregation has a heart for service, mission, & outreach in whatever way it may take to make a difference in the local community and the world.  We invite you to take a look at our offerings of ‘Mission’ to see the ways that you may exhale your faith with us.