A Friday in Lent

A Friday in Lent
such praise
for cod

Welcome to 2.0 of my blog.  Grace gives us a 2.0 or reset or just time for another cup of coffee so we can muse and enjoy.  I will leave behind the feverish weekly effort to offer commentary on the scripture for Sunday. Four people read it. Two were me.

I am thinking about a more natural conversation when the Spirit moves me. The above haiku got under my skin when Deb and I were sitting down to a fish fry in Milwaukee.  A Friday in Lent is sort half woohoo it’s Friday and part oh yeah its Lent. As we sat down to wait for a table, the gentleman next to me went on and on and on about the cod. In its final form, the poem helps reflect all the praise cod gets, and how we live in increasingly secular days.

But the fish was awesome! Lightly battered and fresh, hot on the table. There we were with the sacramental reminder of the fish stories of the New Testament. Let down your nets in deeper water. There was the great catch that strained the net. There was the subdued meal of fish on the shore of resurrection.  There is so much to praise, thank God.

So if you have a grace sighting, some recent momentary gift that connected you to the holy more that endows our days, leave a post. Or just thank God.

See you Sunday.